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In the world of ever-growing legal, administrative and business obligations, our team of dedicated professionals will help you organize your business, streamline your operations, create a proper business structure and release your time to deal with what is really important – developing and advancing your products and services.

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Our dedicated team of experienced professionals in such fields as a legal corporate consulting, corporate administration, accounting, Human Resources and compliance will thoroughly inspect all aspects of your business operations AT NO COST and at the most convenient for you time. We will provide you with a list of required legal adjustments, policies, procedures, forms and other essential documents, which will help your business to improve its performance, organize its operations and will make your business look more streamlined and sustainable for future partners and investors.
Following our initial inspection, we will provide you with all the required documents created and adjusted especially for your business – all these without wasting your precious time and without distracting you from your business duties.

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$426,000 of fines in only 2 weeks of 2018 – Make sure you are not a part of this statistic.

Two weeks into the new year and 5 Ontario companies have been already fined for the total amount of $426,000. Almost $200,000 for various workplace injuries and more than $250,000 for environmental infractions. Reading the decisions of the courts shows that most of...

Another director of a company ordered to pay more than $10,000 – Who is NEXT?

A director of a company that operates multiple KFC restaurants was personally ordered to pay more than $5,000 of unpaid vacation pay to the company’s employees. Following his failure to pay, he was ordered to pay $10,000 of fine. Now he owes more than $15,000 and the...

Firing an Employee for “unethical” actions

An employee in the USA was fired yesterday for showing “middle finger” to the president Donald Trump. “Basically, you cannot have lewd or obscene things in your social media” was the explanation of her employer. Will your company in Canada be able to fire or...

Director of a company gets jail time for not paying to employees!

Many business owners in Canada believe that operating a limited liability company (Ltd. Inc. Corp. etc.) does not impose on them any personal liabilities, others think that they only responsible for taxes. Unfortunately, they are wrong and sometimes the price for such...


Yes, why? This is the only question I could ask myself while reading one of the recent court decisions. I do understand that some employers make mistakes and have non-compliant or lacking safety measures at their workplaces. But WHY would someone disregard orders...

The Heavy Cost of Workplace Mistakes

What do a Toronto based Plastic company, a Watford area Construction company and Maple Leaf Foods Company in Toronto have in common? They all are among many other companies that were recently prosecuted and fined for various injuries that their employees suffered at...

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