Two weeks into the new year and 5 Ontario companies have been already fined for the total amount of $426,000. Almost $200,000 for various workplace injuries and more than $250,000 for environmental infractions.

Reading the decisions of the courts shows that most of these infractions and the corresponding fines were easily preventable by the companies. A simple process of safety inspections, timely compliance with the local regulations and other related measures would prevent these companies from losing close to half a million dollars and would avoid associated reputational damages.

And the most worrying part of these stories is that implementing and enforcing proper compliance systems by these companies would hardly cost more than 10% of the volume of fines. Needless to add that these fines represent only a fraction of cost that the companies paid as a result of these incidents – costs of cleanup, costs of insurance and associated damages, costs of emergency response and more would end up being significantly higher.

At CBES, we make sure that our clients have proper compliance documents, implementation of rules and training regime, and pro-active inspections and enforcements in order to avoid similar situations. Maintaining proper compliance system in place would not only prevent similar situations and protect your workers, but will also make you company more appealing for potential strategic partners, investors and government support.

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