Is your business compliant and protected?

Please ask yourself…

Do I have my business protected?
Am I ready to grow and expand?
Will I pass the next audit?
The sections below will assist you in evaluating your current business status and getting better understanding of the statutory requirements from your business, and what will help you to have streamlined, efficient, compliant and protected. Click each section to get more information.

Operating Policies & Procedures

These are your main tools in organizing and controlling your operations. By creating a simple and streamlined set of rules, you will relieve your management team from micro-management and will create structured, predictable and organized relations inside your company.

Health and Safety

Not only that Health and Safety regime is important and might be life saving for you and your employees, it is also legally required by Ontario laws. Every employer in the province must have a health and safety policy and implement it on an on-going basis. Depending on the organization’s size, the requirements might vary and additional activities might be needed from an employer.

Employment Standards

Salary, Vacations, Statutory holidays, leaves of absence, overtime, deductions – all these and many more are governed by the Employment Standards Act. Failure to comply with the Act will result in heavy fines and penalties for the employer.

Properly documented compliance management will support your organization’s operations and will ensure your company operates in accordance with the law.


Streamline your operations, create predictability in the company’s internal affairs, avoid waste of time and resources and save money. These and much more can be achieved by the properly structured set of forms. In addition to streamlining your operations, forms will create a foundation of documented proof for any internal activities and will support company’s defence in a case of legal proceedings.

By relieving business managers from micro-management, a business will invest more resources into its development and increased sales.


Almost every business in Ontario must be registered with WSIB, follow its rules and instruction and comply with certain procedures during its regular operations and in a case of an injury.

WSIB has the authority to inspect companies, investigate accidents and impose penalties on companies and their directors and managers.

But remember – WSIB is first and foremost about safety and protection of your employees’ health and life. The compliance with WSIB requirements will protect your employees and will protect your business in a case if someone gets hurt.

Workplace Violence & Harassment

The law requires implementation of the Workplace Violence & Harassment Policy at the workplace. There are strict requirements for the complaints and investigation procedures that every employer must comply with. There are extensive authorities for the Ministry of Labour to enforce the law and penalize non-compliant businesses.

Protecting your business

Liability for the services, products and business operations; liability for employees’ actions and omissions – these are only few areas in which a business can be found liable and might be sued by other employees, clients, or other third parties. Structuring and implementing a proper compliance regime and providing employees with the relevant training will provide a strong and substantial layer of protection for a business and its directors.

Protecting yourself

As the director of your corporation, you bear personal legal liability for the actions of the corporation and “limited liability” will not provide full and comprehensive protection to business directors and managers. As such, implementation of the compliance management will provide protection to business owners, directors and managers.

Corporate Structure

Are you planning to grow your corporation into something bigger and more successful? Is your company’s personnel expanding and demands more attention and more resources for HR and administrative management? Are you building a future proof, successful and aspiring business?

Then you need a proper foundation for the future growth – organization chart, position descriptions, and communications’ flaw-chart these are some of the tools that will enable you to plan and get prepared for the future growth.

If you constantly ask yourself…

  • Why do I do all the work?
  • Why are my employees do what they are not supposed to?
  • What are all those articles about Accessibility in Ontario?
  • Why can’t I go for a short vacation with my family without taking the computer along?
  • Why did I miss all my important family events because of my business?

…then you are in the right place. At CBES, we will assist you and show how basic compliance steps will provide you with answers and solutions to the questions above.

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