Incorporating – Why do you need that help?

Jan 16, 2016

Actually, registering a new business is a relatively simple task. With some web search, anyone can do it.

So why do you need an assistance?

Because registering a corporation does not complete the task – this is only the beginning.

Following the initial registration of a corporation, you will need to do the following actions: a. create By-Laws of the corporation; b. elect and appoint corporate directors and officers; c. prepare and sign initial resolutions of the corporation; d. send an update to the ministry (Form 1). And all these are just a tip of an iceberg. If you have partners, you will need a shareholders agreement with multiple terms and conditions. You will have to register your corporation with the CRA for tax and in certain circumstances for HST/GST purposes.

Why do you need it? Your corporation is a separate legal entity. In order to bring it into a proper life you must ensure that it is appropriately structured, organized and registered. Without these steps, there will be no clear division between shareholders and the corporation as a separate entity. As a result, corporate managers, directors and shareholders may face serious financial and administrative consequences.

At CBES, we will assist you in a proper organization of your business and in taking all the steps required to bring your corporation into a real and independent existence. We will prepare initial resolutions, shareholders agreement, By-laws and Form 1.

And more importantly – we will show, explain and train you for the future maintenance of the corporate documents. Our goal at CBES.CA is to make sure you know what you do and how to do it properly.

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