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Yes, why? This is the only question I could ask myself while reading one of the recent court decisions. I do understand that some employers make mistakes and have non-compliant or lacking safety measures at their workplaces. But WHY would someone disregard orders...

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The Heavy Cost of Workplace Mistakes

What do a Toronto based Plastic company, a Watford area Construction company and Maple Leaf Foods Company in Toronto have in common? They all are among many other companies that were recently prosecuted and fined for various injuries that their employees suffered at...

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One Employee vs. Multi-Million Company

Yesterday we all read the explanation (or as I would call it the “excuse”) of former Equifax CEO to the recent breach of Equifax database that exposed personal data of 145 MILLION US and Canadian citizens. Here is his explanation: one IT employee of Equifax did not...

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CBES Workshops.

CBES team is delighted to announce that its Senior Consultant, Eugene Jakubov, was invited to present our workshop to the audience at Ideal Incubator in Markham, Ontario. Our program will comprise of four workshops and will introduce to small and medium businesses...

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