Federal government starts to cut companies and organizations off its federal funding support if they don’t have “best practices” in place to deal with harassment and bullying.

Workplace Violence and Harassment Policy and corresponding complaint, investigation and findings procedures are compulsory to every employer in Ontario. As we’ve previously reported, one Ontario company was fined $70,000 for not having proper policies and training in place (https://news.ontario.ca/mol/en/2017/02/security-service-fined-70000-for-failure-to-meet-workplace-harassment-and-violence-prevention-traini.html).

Now the government takes another step in a direction of enforcement of various statutory compliance requirements and regulations applicable to companies in Canada. It is only the question of time for the Ontario government to join the suit and apply similar enforcement actions to provincial businesses.

At CBES, we help businesses to make sure they have proper practices in place and are equally protected from similar government as well as private legal and administrative actions.

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