Incorporating a Business

  • Shareholders agreements
  • Shotgun clauses
  • Dividends
  • Minority and Majority rights
  • Private vs. Public
  • Directors and officers of the Corporation
  • Sale of Shares and Right of First Refusal

These and many more are the terms and titles taken from a simple shareholders agreement. We will explain and clarify these and many others. We will direct your attention to those, which are relevant for your type of business and will save your time from those, which are not.

At CBES, our experience has proven that in order to get the right answer, the right question is often not asked. Our professional consultants will review and assess your objectives WITH YOU and will provide you with thorough and comprehensive guidance and advice.

  • Do you know what type of relationship you will have with your partners?
  • How will you make a decision in a 50/50 voting split?
  • How will you exit the company if your partner does not want to buy you out?
  • How will you ensure that you are paid dividends in return for your investment?

These as well as many other questions must be raised and answered BEFORE you make your next move.

Whether incorporating alone or with partners, whether inviting investors or arranging financing for your projects, you must remember that you are not protected from corporate debts, and every director and officer of a corporation might be personally liable for certain debts and obligations of the corporation.

Forming a Corporation will protect you from some forms of liability, but will impose others on you. Incorporation does not create a complete separation between you and your business, and will not save you from all debts and liabilities. On the contrary – corporation might create and impose additional responsibilities and liabilities on its Directors and Officers.

At CBES our professionals will help you to understand your future liabilities and will guide you through the process of incorporation and structuring your relationships with your partners in the most efficient and safe way for YOU in this important investment.

*A free 30 minutes online consultation will be provided for each client.