Keeping Your Business Up-to-Date

Minute Books, Annual resolutions and Meetings of the Shareholders and the Board of Directors, annual return and corporation profile updates – these are only some of the formalities you must comply with every year. But why?

A Corporation with updated books, proper documentation and structure looks better, more attractive and more efficient to your potential investors, financial institutions and various auditors. Updated and organized books make the same impression as your tidy outfit and new car, and they are even more important in the business world – they make an impression that you are a “business-savvy” entrepreneur.

Are these benefits worth the effort – undoubtedly.

Are these efforts complicated, time consuming or costly – absolutely not. But they will become if you do not keep the Corporation up to date.

CBES will keep your corporation in good standing and up to date at a fracture of cost… AND without taking away from the time you need to do what you do best … promoting your business!

Licenses – Permits – Certifications

In order to attract larger, successful and more established clients, partners, suppliers and financial investors, a corporation must possess proper licenses, permits and certifications.

At CBES, we will scrutinise your operations and assist you in obtaining all the relevant and beneficial licenses, certificates and permits your business requires.

*A free 30 minutes online consultation will be provided for each client.