Yes, why? This is the only question I could ask myself while reading one of the recent court decisions. I do understand that some employers make mistakes and have non-compliant or lacking safety measures at their workplaces. But WHY would someone disregard orders issued by the Employment Ministry inspectors on at least three separate occasions?

This odd decision demonstrates how employers, trying to save time, resources or funds end up paying so much more. The employer in the case referenced below was fined $60,000 for ignoring three orders of the ministry’s inspector. Inevitably, the employer will have to comply with the orders and will spend all those time, resources and funds that it was initially supposed to (and probably more in order to expedite the process), and will pay additional penalty of $60,000.

Unfortunately, this situation is not rare and is not limited to failing to implement officer’s orders. Many business owners and entrepreneurs neglect multiple aspects of their business compliance, including health and safety, human rights and more. Eventually, many of them end up paying heavy penalties and spending resources into creating statutory compliance documents, policies and procedures.

At CBES, we always prefer a pro-active approach and assist our clients to understand and properly evaluate their exposures, risks and legal liabilities. Our consultants always meet with clients at the clients’ location in order to get a better understanding of the clients’ operations and arising risks and

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